Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life :)

I know, long time no writey! Life is sooooo busy around here raising a three year old...and my darn internet has been a major issue the last four months or so. The Verizon people finally got their acts together and fixed what ever problem they refused to acknowledge was in existance - giving me a blogging voice once more! (I think my comment of "In all of the help you ARE NOT GIVING ME, Please understand I am not only HORMONAL, but I am still feeling the warm fuzzy security of "The Nations most Reliable Network" I heard on TV the other night"... LOL)

What a wonderful Christmas we have had. My beautiful daughter (Who still hates to have her picture took 121 shots to get 11 good ones this year. Poor Picture People!) is posed above. Yes, I a blond again :) She loves Santa and gifts, her brothers and Snoopy. As a family gift this year we took all the kids to Knott's Berry Farm. Of course in good old Patterson fashion nothing went as planned. It decided to snow and we barely made it over the ridge. The park was closed the first day due to rain. (It actually snowed in Malibu..One for the record books here in otherwise sunny Ca.) and the first day found us mostly sitting in the hotel room. Later that afternoon we braved pooring rain to take the kids down the road to Downtown Disney and pass the time at Build a Bear and the Logo store. We went the Pirate Dinner Adventure Show where Chris, Bryce and Aidan had somehow become part of the show. The food was great~and we made it to Knott's the next day. It was beautiful and the air was clear and crisp. All mountains around us were a white as could be. Kaydee loved the Subacca (that's my Russian spelling for dog) named Snoopy, was entrigued with the horse carriage ride, and showed us we can travel with her just about anywhere, and she is an absolute Angel! All in as a very good year. We are so blessed!

Kaydee is a well adjusted child, loving and might I add BRILLIANT! She copies all that she sees, never seeming to forget anything. She likes to pretend she is a kitty and paws, meows, and rubs her face on us. So sweet. She loves her brothers, and has grown 2" in 6 months. Can you believe that? Our little Princess has gotten a lot of healthy food and it is showing. And boy does she have long legs!

In other areas, she is doing very well in preschool, and likes to beat up on the poor unsuspecting little boys. No one takes toys from her anymore...wonder why? I tell her that is no way for a Princess to act, but she just smiles and purrrr's her way into my lap. A couple of acknowledging nods and all is forgiven.

Is it even possible year ago I was losing it because the state messed up my Dossier Apostilling??? It all seems so long ago....

I will try to up load other pictures...they are still on my camera.

Love to all!


Tamara said...

I'm so glad to see a new post! Y'all look so wonderful in your family photo. Taking photos of the munchkins took about 1700 tries to get two good ones. I was glad that we handled this ourselves this year as it would have been a lesson in frustration for a professional! Happy New Year! Tamara

Tamara B said...

Found your first blog via the AAC website and linked here.

I was immediately interested in reading your blog when I saw on the AAC website where you were from. I grew up in a little swedish village about 45 min to an hour north of you.

If you would be willing to share, I'd love to hear more about your adoption experiences!

Christine said...

What a beautiful family photo!